About me

Mehr als 4000 Clowns
I am pleased
about visiting
my homepage.
Dear guests of our homegage!
My name is F. M. Kahn, I am almost 70 years old and retired.
Since 1989, I have been collecting these colourful fun-loving clowns.
To date, I have collected over 4000 Clowns, in the form of figures.
No matter where I look, in my house clowns are everywhere.
My own clown museum.
I decided to open a museum to give others the opportunity, to sniff into my world.
In two words I can tell you the reason, why I started to collect clowns: My children.
Briefly, the whole story will be read in my book, which will be published in six languages.
This book is full of letters, photos, news and more.
You will have to buy the book, because there you can find out what children are like.
100 % of the revenues of the museum will be donated.
If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer you within 48 hours.
Best regards









We are looking forward to your visit !
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